Having trouble viewing Presentations?

- Check which browser you are currently using to view sbrstream.ca
- Make sure your web browser is up to date
- If you are viewing presentations from chrome, click on the i with the circle beside the web address. Make sure "flash" is turned on for this website.
- Check your internet connection
- Check your location. Make sure your location allows for streaming video. Hospitals and school may limit internet usage on streaming video.
- Check other devices. Another computer or your mobile device.
- If the following does not work, please contact jpilapil@sbrc.ca.

Can't hear the video?
Make sure your audios volume is turned up to the max with the speaker icon on your computer.
Make sure the volume is turned to max on the video. You can find this by highlighting over the video.

Forgot your username and password?

- Please email jpilapil@sbrc.ca and we will reset your password with a temporary password.
- Once you login with your temporary password, you can change the password in your settings.